National Trail School Foundation

E-Mail Reminders For upcoming NTSF Events & info


In order to get the word out on upcoming National Trail School Foundation events such as the Golf Outing or the 5K Run among other special events and fundraisers as well as other information related to NTSF, we now have this simple way to keep you reminded and e-mail.

Yep, when you click on the link below you will be able to send me (the webmaster) an e-mail and I will include you on our e-mail list. Once on the list you will get reminders of the upcoming events and fundraisers as well as pertinent information from NTSF. It's that simple.

The list is secure and all matters of privacy have been taken into account so that you WILL NOT get spam or unwanted e-mail solicitations and your e-mail address will never be seen. What is also nice is that these e-mails will be one way only, so no one can make a reply and flood everyone's e-mail inbox, something that bothers me and I won't let that happen here. So, for example, a few days before an event I will send out a single e-mail reminder and that will be it. If there is some great NTSF news/info, then again a single e-mail will be sent so you can keep up to date.

Once you sign up, please make sure that your spam filters are not gobbling up the e-mail, so set your inbox to accept the NTSF e-mail.

Please click the following link below and simply give me your name & e-mail.

Click Here to Sign Up