National Trail School Foundation



Since 2005, the National Trail School Foundation has awarded $6,500 to graduating seniors to aid in their pursuit for a higher education.  The following are the current scholarship opportunities for National Trail’s graduating seniors and past recipients:


National Trail School Foundation Scholarship

Awarded to a student who will pursue a higher education.

To download an application for the NTSF Scholarship Click Here.

2005 – Abby Yeazel                             

2006 – Kristen Bachman, Rebecca Eyer, CJ Hoce, and Lee Winkler             

2007 – Danielle Lee, Jennifer McWhinney

2008 Lori Deaton, Emily Gibson and Kara Johnson          

2009 – Stacey Davis, Ethan Pope, Brianne Simpson, Austin Stonecash

2010 – Matthew Gibbins, Kelsey Rubright, Tony Baker, Morgan Ross

2011 – Andrew Behringer, Marissa Lee, Joey Simpson

2013 - Hayley Farabegoli, Jacob Cail, Brett Kelly, Tiffany Jordan    

2014 - Katie Hollingsworth, Brandi Shepard, Kinsey Gibson   


Kent Rubright Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually in memory of Mr. Rubright.

To dowload an application for the Kent Rubright Memorial Scholarship Click Here.

2011 – Andrew Behringer

2013 - Brett Kelly              

2014 -


Shirley Ann Jordan Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student who will pursue a degree in an accounting, computer or business field. Mrs. Jordan was the mother of Jill Eales, a founding National Trail School Foundation member and 1981 graduate of National Trail, who honors her mother’s memory with an annual scholarship.

To dowload an application for the Shirley Ann Jordan Memorial Scholarship Click Here.

2006 – Tracey Yeazel                          

2007 – Doug Harris                           
2008 Robin Dixon                         

2009 – Austin Stonecash                    

2010 – Matthew Gibbins                    

2011 – Joey Simpson

2013 - Hayley Farabegoli

2014 - Heather Brooks


Simpson Spirit of Service Scholarship

Awarded to a student who will pursue a degree in a criminal justice, fire science, allied health sciences
or military science. This scholarship was founded by former National Trail graduate Brenda Simpson, Class of 1986 in honor of the public service her family has given and continues to give. Brenda Simpson is presently serving as a Major in the United States Air Force.

To dowload an application for the Simpson Spirit of Service Scholarship Click Here.

2006 – Misty Whirley                                                           

2007 - Jacob Todd

2008 – Kara Johnson                          

2009 – Brianna Simpson                                              

2010 - Morgan Ross
2011 – Shelby Ebersole

2013 - Kayla Rush

2014 - Kinsey Gibson, Katie Hollingsworth

The Mindy Toms Memorial Scholarship

2013 - Marissa McGeehen

2014 - Katie Hollingsworth


The New Paris Chamber of Commerce/CVB Scholarship

2013 - Tori Biser

2014 - Kinsey Gibson


The Monsanto/Cottingim Family Scholarship

2014 - Allison Unger


2014 Scholarship Winners               


NTSF (3 winners) –
Katie Hollingsworth
Brandi Shepard
Kinsey Gibson

Mindy Toms Memorial -
Katie Hollingsworth
New Paris Area Chamber
of Commerce/CVB -
Kinsey Gibson

Shirley Ann Jordan Memorial –
Heather Brooks
The Monsanto/Cottingim
Family -
Allison Unger
Simpson Spirit of Service –
Kinsey Gibson
Katie Hollingsworth


NTSF Grant Recipients 2013-14             


In addition to supporting the pursuit of higher education, the NTSF provides Grant monies to enhance the educational opportunities for the students in the National Trail community, as well as support and develop the staff at National Trail Schools. In 2006, Cathy Weist, elementary physical education teacher was awarded a mini-grant for her walking program, “Feelin’ Good Mileage Club”. 

The Second Grade Teaching Team was the recipient of the 2007 mini-grant to purchase enough Texas Instrument Student Calculators so that all of the students will have a calculator to use during math time. The present math program, Everyday Math, requires students to become proficient in the use of a calculator.

Below are the recipients of the 2013-2014 Teacher Grants. Congratulations to all the teachers!


Middle School MAP Program (Mike Harrison)  Renaissance Award Program (Sindi Hoke) 
Literacy Committee (Gloria Vanausdal, Kari O'Diam)  National Honor Society (Todd Alexander) 
Life Skills Class (Pat Hamilton)  Drama Club (Lisa Derringer)